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Creative Guild has an important role in discussing the policies that affect us, not just in the UK but across Europe. Because we welcome people in all fields of the arts and creative industries we are in a strong position to seek improvements.

In the coming years we will all have to deal with changing pensions, social security and employment regulations. We want a tax regime that does not penalise those who work independently. We will need to make sure that creative businesses and freelance professionals are offered fair opportunities and incentives. And we must argue against incessant cuts in funding to arts organisations, arts universities and colleges, and the downgrading of creative subjects in education.

Creative Guild is not a trade union and is not affiliated to any political party or grouping. That allows us to put the case for creative people without fear or favour. We are a new organisation with long experience. Our co-founder ran the National Campaign for the Arts and started Culture Action Europe more than 20 years ago.

We have a dedicated research and advocacy team assessing the true state of the way creative professionals are treated by the system. As we approach British and European elections the conclusions will be translated into calls for change.

Creative Guild is the place to meet fellow professionals from all the other disciplines and art forms: people that you never normally have a chance to collaborate and discuss your work with. Because we are open to such a wide membership you can make opportunities with fellow members and make sure the world knows about […]

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