Fashion designers, writers, poets, musicians, actors, photographers, artists, sculptors, illustrators, dancers, graphic designers, animators and anyone who considers themselves creative.

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Most of our staff have a creative side to our lives – when we’re not busy helping other creative workers we’re writing poetry, performing in bands and taking photographs – so we have a real understanding of the needs of creative workers, whether amateur or professional, established or just starting out.

We’ve conducted several focus groups with people representing different aspects of the creative sector, and discovered that each could do with support in slightly different areas, so we’re working on a portfolio of services that will be made available to our members over the next couple of years. Over the course of 2014 to 2015 we’ll be providing tools to help with admin and tax returns, loans and grants for equipment and training, networking opportunities and much, much more.

We’re especially keen to encourage collaboration, particularly between different disciplines and throughout different countries, and our network, which already includes creative workers in Belgium, France and Germany, will make it easy for you to build contacts and create opportunities to work abroad. If you’re a student or at the beginning of your career, you can make contact with established professionals, and of course, all our members will be able to show their work on the main page of our website.

Creative Guild is the place to meet fellow professionals from all the other disciplines and art forms: people that you never normally have a chance to collaborate and discuss your work with. Because we are open to such a wide membership you can make opportunities with fellow members and make sure the world knows about […]

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