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‘Flagey in Autumn’ Book Launch


After a hectic post-election period, it was lovely breaking the routine to indulge in some writing. We had the pleasure of attending Simon Mundy’s book launch for ‘Flagey in autumn’.
Simon is not only a very talented writer, but he is also the Chairman and ‘heart and soul’ of the Creative Guild, so it was only natural for the evening to be a very promising one.
The event took place on Wednesday 13th May at Le Beaujolais. The venue’s intimacy along with the great wine selection created the perfect atmosphere to compliment the theme of his book.
Flagey in Autumn is an extremely enjoyable compilation of short stories, which brings together the blog he’s been writing for years into a beautifully laid out paperback. The cheeky and playful illustrations by Kate Milsom are interspersed between the exciting environment that Simon delivers in his writing.

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