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Explosión – A Creative Dance Movement for All


The explosive art of dancing has finally landed in the West End and we had a front row seat. The brand new production by Jay Markwick, gives a full insight into the beauty that is flamenco in a show that incorporates a fusion of dance, music, and exquisite costumes.

Jay Markwick’s merits lie not only in his ability to dance, but also in knowing that at 22 years of age, he has already accomplished plenty. From his time at the Ballet de Murcia which took him touring around the globe, to creating his own dancing company, his achievements have made him a force to be reckoned with in the industry. He’s no stranger to the limelight, however, even gaining acclaim for his performances as an eight year old.

During the show, we learned that one of the dancers had a hand in making all the costumes. The entire performance kept us enthralled by not only the dancing, but also a live violinist and an Opera singer, which made it a refreshing & enlightening  experience all round.
Some proceeds of the tickets go to the ‘Help for Heroes’ charity, which aids former members of the Armed Forces. Royal Marine Commando Cassidy Little, who won Strictly Come Dancing for Comic Relief last month, is also taking part in the show as requested by Jay himself, as he is an avid supporter of the cause.

This is not only a fun night out, it’s a story of hard work, inspiration and full blown dancing!


All pictures by Simon Callaghan Photography

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