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Nobody expected John Major to get a majority for the Conservatives in government but he did and David Cameron has achieved almost exactly the same thing. In Major’s case it could be because English swing voters possibly couldn’t bring themselves to plump for the Welsh Neil Kinnock. In Cameron’s case it was more a case of the same voters never quite being convinced to love the two Eds (Miliband and Balls). Both have now been consigned to history.

The same issue is likely to divide Cameron’s government as it did Major’s: the attitude of the English to being European and part of global open society. Many would like to be neither. Just how many is likely to be tested sooner, rather than later – probably on the same day as next year’s Scottish and Welsh parliamentary elections. The result could see the end of the UK and give England the same irrelevant status as Switzerland with the rest of the island moving closer to a European Celtic Federation.

For creative people this could be a fascinating few years. However, financial uncertainty is likely to be the main characteristic. None of the areas that provide our income will be safe from George Osborne’s cutting machine. The BBC is under huge threat as its charter and funding mechanism comes up for renegotiation. Arts budgets, national and local, are already shrinking and may be under terminal threat as Osborne tries to shift the funding model away from grants and to a combination of the lottery (the Big Idea of ’92) and tax credits (the not so big idea of 2015). The sort of medium term small business support to help individuals is very unlikely to materialise as government makes the big industrial component its favoured side of cultural industries. The gains from online selling of books and music are failing to reach expectations. Low revenue from actual products continue to fall, except for the famous top 5%. Galleries struggle to find buyers, not just private view drinkers, let alone some of the capital’s famous landmarks becoming part-privatised; No National Gallery Privatisation Campaign.

All of this may turn out brilliantly, of course. It is just hard to work out how. Creative Guild would like to work with anybody that can come up with an answer, get in touch with any info or news we need to know about so we can share amongst our community and make us a stronger unit with full communication. Contact Us!

Nobody expected John Major to get a majority for the Conservatives in government but he did and David Cameron has achieved almost exactly the same thing. In Major’s case it could be because English swing voters possibly couldn’t bring themselves to plump for the Welsh Neil Kinnock. In Cameron’s case it was more a case […]

Parliament is dissolved. Until the middle of May there are no MPs, only candidates and Privy Councillors – the latter running the country in theory. In practice Ministers will make decisions by mobile phone while the civil servants park the paperwork in preparation for new bosses. For now, the candidates are all important. In the […]

The start of an election year is always politically odd. Around Westminster there is a sense of being about to leave school. There are plenty of MPs who will be retiring, whether they like it or not. The House of Lords feels as if it is full of teachers (it is, these days). They know […]

For all the talk of thriving cultural industries and their importance to the economy, there is strong evidence that the country’s several governments don’t really believe it. At least, they like it in industrial terms (google, Amazon, fashion and gaming) but they are unimpressed when it comes to the bits they have to invest in […]

Now that Scotland has decided to remain as part of a British state a real debate can start about how cultural and creative activity is best supported. Arts funding is devolved to the ‘home nations’ but many other aspects are not. Broadcasting, on which so many creative people depend, is handled nationally as are most […]

It would be nice to have returned from summer holidays and festivals feeling that the autumn term will be invigorating. It may well be for many. Others, though, will be facing daunting prospects of uncertain or inadequate work. Cuts to funding – whether from local authorities, arts councils or EU programmes – have left an […]

The first strategy by the new Creative Industries Council has just been published. The Council includes representatives from government, business associations, quangos, and also major companies, the majority of which are American (Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Warner Bros. are in there and it is chaired by Nicola Mendelsohn from Facebook). The good thing is that the […]

Just how violent the swings and roundabouts can be for arts organisations looking for public money was demonstrated depressingly in the last week. The Treasury announced the results of its consultation on Theatre Tax Relief. It has loosened and simplified some criteria, including the requirement for performances to take place in a licensed venue. However […]

Chairman Simon Mundy writes: For many people working in creative occupations, the effects of six years of economic stress are now being felt hardest – even as the general economy starts moving again. This is because creative people have been absorbing the cuts in income to an unacceptable degree. However, with arts and other cultural […]

The Queen’s new heated carriage has returned her from opening the last session of this Westminster Parliament, and in Brussels the new European Parliament is assembling, with nationalist parties from many countries wondering why the only parliament they can get elected to is one they want to abolish. For both institutions the next year is […]

The elections for local authorities and the European Parliament on 22nd May are much more important for creative professionals than the press is prepared to understand. Local councillors are crucial to so much of what we do: small business support, venues, festivals, education programmes and even access to EU money. From the EU, and therefore […]

Dear Chancellor of the Exchequer, In response to the consultation on the introduction of tax relief to theatre and stage productions I would like to congratulate you and your team on the scope and imagination of the measure. I have no doubt that it will prove to be of immense worth to theatre, music and […]

The only surprising aspect of the removal of Maria Miller as Secretary of State for Culture was that it didn’t happen sooner. Her replacement, Sajid Javid, will presumably remain in place for the last year of the present government unless he falls foul of either the press or his fellow MPs as spectacularly as Mrs. […]

For once the Chancellor of the Exchequer had good news for the arts in the budget. Staged performances (theatre, musicals, opera and dance) will be able to have their production costs offset against tax – 25% tax relief for touring productions and 20% on non-touring.  The relief can be applied to 80% of eligible capital […]

Chairman Simon Mundy writes:   The news that Cardiff is to scrap all funding to some of the city’s most important arts organisations (among them Chapter Arts, Hijinx and the Sherman Theatre) is a huge blow. The cut to No Fit State Circus is likely to mean that its title is suddenly all too apt. […]

Politics at home is going to be dominated by the elections to the European Parliament this Spring. Each political party will share a common platform with its sympathetic partners in other nations across Europe. Creative Guild welcomes the manifesto being sent to all of them in advance of the campaign by Culture Action Europe (CAE). […]

Hidden in amendments to airline regulations passed by the European parliament in February is one which may at last force carriers to treat musical instruments with the care and understanding musicians expect. If approved by EU governments, the new regulation will say, ‘Musical instruments should be accepted as baggage within the passenger cabin and, where […]

We’re having our first get-together this evening, for members and interested parties alike. Come and meet us, get to know each other and say hello to representatives from other arts organisations. We’re kicking off at 6.30 this evening and we’ll be here until 9. If you’d like to come along and haven’t yet RSVPd, send […]

The Lovetts Claim Calculator lets self-employed professionals calculate whether exercising their legal rights when receiving payment late by a client is likely to be worth it. The tool takes into account the updated late payment regulations from 2013, which let businesses potentially pursue all “reasonable costs” of recovering a debt. Of course, if you invoice […]

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport has decided to reclassify IT workers as ‘Creatives’ based on research conducted by Nesta last year. Computer consultants and programmers, as well as business software developers, IT directors, architects and system designers are all now considered to be creative professionals. The technology sector is the biggest and fastest-growing employer […]

This award from Create London is an opportunity to get communities in East London involved in your art – to qualify, your proposed project must involve some level of participation, and they are particularly interested in projects which include “a physical intervention in the public realm.” If you’ve been in the capital for a while you […]

Cockpit Arts helps designer-makers to build and develop their business, providing cheap studio space as well as providing intensive support with aspects of running a business as an independent craftsperson, such as marketing, product development, sales strategy and even hiring employees. They also provide a wealth of advice on their website, which is of course […]

The Culture, Media and Sport committee has announced an inquiry into the work of Arts Council England. In the wake of the publication of Rebalancing Our Cultural Capital, an independent report on the discrepancy between arts funding in London and the rest of the country, the committee will evaluate the economic and artistic criteria that inform […]

Made By Hand is a contemporary craft fair sponsored by the Arts Council of Wales, and they’re looking for submissions from UK based artists and designer makers. The deadline to apply is March 7th, and details can be found on their website.

Sound and Music are looking for UK-based composers to put together festivals and concert series of new music. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in take a look at the criteria.

In case you didn’t get see this on the last newsletter, the Federation of Entertainment Unions is offering a free workshop in London on January 29th, for creative freelancers who want to improve their ability to set and achieve goals. It’s free to join the FEU but you need to be a member of the […]

The British Council has teamed up with the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs with an exchange programme for socially engaged emerging cultural leaders. They define this as: “any person (artist, arts or cultural manager, cultural educator, creative presenter, social entrepreneur or community activist) who addresses contemporary social issues through the lens of arts and […]

This month the World Cultural Summit is being held in Santiago, Chile and Creative Guild will be there, represented by Chairman Simon Mundy. The summit is held every two years and organised by the International Federation of Arts Councils and Cultural Agencies (IFACCA). The summit brings together Ministries, Arts Councils and those non-governmental organisations (like […]

We’d like to wish all our members a very happy and artistic New Year. Hopefully you’ve all been cooking up lots of new ideas alongside your Christmas puddings, since resolving to get going on your new novel or to learn that difficult piece is so much more fulfilling than giving up the booze for a […]

 Our Chairman, Simon Mundy, in the Grand Place, Brussels after a gruelling meeting. Wishing all our members a Very Merry Christmas, Splendid Holidays and a Fantastic New Year from the Creative Guild Team – Sally, Ioanna, Simon and Sarah! We have had a busy year; bringing our website live with its interactive members section, making […]

Women Shift Digital is a conference for women and men, designed to celebrate women in digital careers, network the networks and influence the influencers. It is a day to reflect collectively on the positive impacts women are making with digital-led careers as creatives, managers and executives in creative industries, education, business, design, skills development and […]

From now on we’ll be posting regular content about bursaries, grants, collaboration and other ways of getting support and getting your work out there. Sign in to the site as usual, then click on the ‘News’ link at the top of the page, and you’ll see posts marked ‘Private’. These are only viewable by members, […]

This is one for our younger members. Sky Arts are offering five £30,000 bursaries – plus mentoring – to UK citizens (and long-term residents) aged between 18 and 30. The bursaries are open to individuals working in performing arts, music, visual arts and creative writing, as well as creative producers. The deadline is December 6th […]

All CG members can now use the invoice handling service offered by SMartEu, through its affiliate SMartUK. We’d like to thank you so much for your patience – those of you that have been with us from the beginning will know that we’ve been working to get this service ready for you since the beginning of […]

We’re delighted to announce that we have moved to a new office on board the HMS President! The ship is moored in between Temple and Blackfriars tube stations, right in the middle of London, and is already hosting a number of small creative companies and freelancers, so we’re delighted to come aboard. From now on […]

A warm welcome to those of you who joined us at Edinburgh and those who are reading this as a result of meeting us there. The atmosphere in Edinburgh was so vibrant and exciting, and it was wonderful meeting so many musicians, cabaret performers, directors, actors and comedians (and the rest!) Thank you to all […]

The 10% cut to the spending of English local government, combined with the freeze on council tax and the 5% cut in the DCMS budget will do enormous damage to local arts organisations. Because local authority support is discretionary in England it will be the first area councillors look at for substantial savings. We have […]

ACP Founder Member David Ferry (that’s his collage with the fish – properly entitled “The Aquarium, Hampton Court Palace” – on our home page!) has a new exhibition at Gallery Petit in Chelsea, until May 17th. Called Desirable Ridge Intrusions, after the suite of ten mixed media pieces that form the heart of the exhibition, […]

Would you like to follow in the footsteps of Schiele, Schnitzler, Klimt, Mahler…? Vienna has long been a port of call for classical musicians, drawing talented composers and performers (and fans of Mozart, of course) from across the world, but the city also serves as a hub for writers, artists and creative people of every […]

Thanks to all who attended the private view of our exhibition at Europe House last week. Our curator Lily Hall did a great job filling the intimate space of the 12 Star Gallery, and we really enjoyed meeting artists Magda Fabianczyk, Tatiana Bohm and the collective They Are Here. Daljit Nagra gave a wonderful performance […]

London-based mezzo-soprano Clare McCaldin is a founder member of the Association of Creative Professionals. Here she discusses her work as a singer and some of her other creative ideas.

Our first event is taking place in the 12 Star Gallery at Europe House 2nd-12th April 2013

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