Fashion designers, writers, poets, musicians, actors, photographers, artists, sculptors, illustrators, dancers, graphic designers, animators and anyone who considers themselves creative.

About Creative Guild

Creative Guild is a not-for-profit organisation for creative people.

  • We campaign on a national and international level for the rights of creative freelancers
  • We provide a platform to promote our members work
  • We also want enable collaboration around the world between our members

Here at Creative Guild we understand that at a time when funding is in short supply and the economic climate is hard, making it more and more difficult to earn a living, we believe it’s vital that we join together to make sure the voices of creative people are heard. We are not a trade union and we don’t favour any particular part of the creative sector, but we put pressure on the government to make real changes to employment, tax or social security regulations and funding.

We understand that our members will have many different aspects to their working life, we want to help and facilitate our members to get the most out of their creativity by assisting them with the not so creative aspects in their lives.

Anybody who considers their work to be creative, from web designers to bluegrass fiddlers, journalists and aspiring theatre directors are encouraged to become part of our ever growing community.

Creative Guild is the place to meet fellow professionals from all the other disciplines and art forms: people that you never normally have a chance to collaborate and discuss your work with. Because we are open to such a wide membership you can make opportunities with fellow members and make sure the world knows about […]

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