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1992 All Over Again

Election results 2015 Graphics

Nobody expected John Major to get a majority for the Conservatives in government but he did and David Cameron has achieved almost exactly the same thing. In Major’s case it could be because English swing voters possibly couldn’t bring themselves to plump for the Welsh Neil Kinnock. In Cameron’s case it was more a case of the same voters never quite being convinced to love the two Eds (Miliband and Balls). Both have now been consigned to history.

The same issue is likely to divide Cameron’s government as it did Major’s: the attitude of the English to being European and part of global open society. Many would like to be neither. Just how many is likely to be tested sooner, rather than later – probably on the same day as next year’s Scottish and Welsh parliamentary elections. The result could see the end of the UK and give England the same irrelevant status as Switzerland with the rest of the island moving closer to a European Celtic Federation.

For creative people this could be a fascinating few years. However, financial uncertainty is likely to be the main characteristic. None of the areas that provide our income will be safe from George Osborne’s cutting machine. The BBC is under huge threat as its charter and funding mechanism comes up for renegotiation. Arts budgets, national and local, are already shrinking and may be under terminal threat as Osborne tries to shift the funding model away from grants and to a combination of the lottery (the Big Idea of ’92) and tax credits (the not so big idea of 2015). The sort of medium term small business support to help individuals is very unlikely to materialise as government makes the big industrial component its favoured side of cultural industries. The gains from online selling of books and music are failing to reach expectations. Low revenue from actual products continue to fall, except for the famous top 5%. Galleries struggle to find buyers, not just private view drinkers, let alone some of the capital’s famous landmarks becoming part-privatised; No National Gallery Privatisation Campaign.

All of this may turn out brilliantly, of course. It is just hard to work out how. Creative Guild would like to work with anybody that can come up with an answer, get in touch with any info or news we need to know about so we can share amongst our community and make us a stronger unit with full communication. Contact Us!

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