After a hectic post-election period, it was lovely breaking the routine to indulge in some writing. We had the pleasure of attending Simon Mundy’s book launch for ‘Flagey in autumn’. Simon is not only a very talented writer, but he is also the Chairman and ‘heart and soul’ of the Creative Guild, so it was […]

Fashion designers, writers, poets, musicians, actors, photographers, artists, sculptors, illustrators, dancers, graphic designers, animators and anyone who considers themselves creative.

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The struggles of being a freelance songwriter/musician haunt me daily. Although these problems are also the root of my creativity, they can quickly turn life into a bit of a roller-coaster. A 24 hour day (as for everyone) seems too short when your life involves combining your freelance profession with trying to survive in London. […]

Creative Guild is the place to meet fellow professionals from all the other disciplines and art forms: people that you never normally have a chance to collaborate and discuss your work with. Because we are open to such a wide membership you can make opportunities with fellow members and make sure the world knows about […]

Anybody who considers themselves creative is welcome to join us. This includes students, people with a day job who pursue their art on the side, and professionals in fields such as journalism or web design, as well as poets, musicians and artists.